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470m, Laser Radial, Finn, RS:Xw - ISAF World Championship 2011 - Perth AUS

Wednesday, December 7, 2011   (Image © Richard Langdon)
The thunderstorms responsible for the cancelling of yesterday's fleetraces has gone, and the weather situation is about to normalize. Today, the afternoon seabreaze, the 'Fremantle Doctor', filling in now will not be at its full strength with about 15-18 kn to expect. At present, the Finns, the 470 men, the Lasers Radial and the RS:X-women are sailing their first races. As always, the live-blog informs on the activities downunder. All four classes will have completed at least 4 races in total at the end of the day. The results. As also inside the Fremantle Harbour, a big white shark has been seen, the Coast Guard is intensifying the shark spotting over the whole regatta area. The report.
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Olympic Classes - ISAF World Championship 2012 - Perth AUS

Sunday, 4. December 2011– Sunday, 18. December 2011


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