Optimist, 420, Laser Radial - Regio-Cup - SC Hallwil - final results

Tuesday, June 5, 2018   
 Optimist, 420, Laser Radial  RegioCup  SC Hallwil  final results
There was good turnout for the first round of the Central Swiss Junior Championships last weekend on lake Hallwil. In the Optimist (25 participants) the winner after 3 races is Jean-Louis Elsner SKE ahead of Vincent Gselle SCC and Mauro Regli YCSe. In the 420 (5 teams) Anna and Paula Wollkopf YCZ won all 4 regattas. The Laser Radial (10 participants) winner is Remo Steinmann SCH ahead of David Besse SKE. All Leaderboards and the report.

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