SRS - Semaine du Soir - SN Rolle - Day 3

Thursday, August 6, 2020   
 SRS  Semaine du Soir  SN Rolle  Day 3
All classes completed two races each at the Semaine du soir of the SN Rolloise on Lake Geneva. ----- In the centerboard classes, Camille Reithaar SNR on a Laser Standard is on top. ----- Bernard Gianola SNR and his team are on first in the Surprise. ----- In the larger yachts, the (TCF 1+2), the Grand Surprise of Christian Hasler SNR is in rank 1. ----- In the TCF3-rankings, Jean Prénat SNR on a First Class 8 is ahead. ----- Marc-Antoine Monnard SNR on a Dragon occupies rank one in the TCF 4 category. ----- The event website.

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