Solar energy - «PlanetSolar» round-the-world in 2010

Tuesday, April 14, 2009   (Image © Die «PlanetSolar»)
 Solar energy  «PlanetSolar» roundtheworld in 2010
The crew of the largest boat powered by solar energy, the 30-m-trimaran «PlanetSolar» equipped with 470m² photovoltaic solar modules, has a united goal: to be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a «solar» boat, i.e. one powered by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine, driven exclusively by solar energy. "PlanetSolar was dream and now it becomes reality. The first components will be finished by the end of this year" a statement of the Swiss adventurer Raphaël Domjan, who will be co-skipper of the trimaran together with the famous French adventurer Gérard d'Aboville. The first solar-driven circumnavigation from East to West following the equator is planned for 2010. A success would be a breakthrough for photovoltaics as a renewable energy resource.

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