Diam-24-Trimaran - Tour de France - Port Barcarès FRA - Day 12

Wednesday, July 17, 2019   
 Diam24Trimaran  Tour de France  Port Barcares FRA  Day 12
The Mediterranean part of the 2019 Tour de France began yesterday in Port Barcarès with a 40nm Coastal Race, won by 'Golfe du Morbihan' with Robert Solune FRA advancing on rank 4 overall. 'Bejaflore' with Valentin Bellet FRA finished 3rd and defended her lead. 'CER Ville de Genève' with Victor Casas SUI remains on rank 8. ----- The ranking list and the daily news.
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Diam 24 - Tour de France à la Voile - Dunkerque FRA

Friday, 5. July 2019– Sunday, 21. July 2019


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