420, 470, 5o5, Fireball, Finn, Europe - Régate d'Armistice - Lac Hourtin FRA

Tuesday, November 5, 2019   
 420, 470, 5o5, Fireball, Finn, Europe  Regate d'Armistice  Lac Hourtin FRA
Big fleets were racing at the Armistice Regatta on Lake Hourtin near Bordeaux FRA. After 12 races, Alejandro Pareja EST was the winner in the Europes (90 participants). In the 420s, Tom Rodet/Yael Maucuit FRA finished first, and in the 470s, Kevin Peponnet/Jérémy Mion FRA were on top. In the 5o5s, the favorites Philippe Boite/Marin Carnot FRA were on rank 1 while in the Fireballs, Ludovic Alleaume/Loïc Berthelot FRA did win all 4 races. ----- All ranking lists.

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