J/70, Melges 20, L30, Longtze - Primo-Cup - Monaco MON

Thursday, February 6, 2020   
 J/70, Melges 20, L30, Longtze  PrimoCup  Monaco MON
The traditional Monaco Primo-Cup lasting until next Sunday begins today with tune-up races. ----- The by far largest class are the J70s with 61 boats from 14 nations, including the USA. ----- The L30, favored (?) by World Sailing as possible Olympic Offshore-Mixed-two-person Keelboat, will be promoted for the first time in a race, but with full teams. 8 teams from 7 nations, including Luka Rodion UKR, Olympia medalist and designer of the L30, as well as a team from Japan and South Korea are present. ----- The composition of the fleets and the favorites of the other classes are clearly dominated by specific nations: Melges 20 (RUS), Longtze (SUI), Smeralda (MON) and H22 (ITA). ----- All entry lists and the preview.
J/70, Melges 20, L30, Longtze, var. classes - Primo Cup - Monaco MON

Thursday, 6. February 2020– Sunday, 9. February 2020


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