SRS - Semaine du Soir - SN Rolle - Final results

Saturday, August 8, 2020   
 SRS  Semaine du Soir  SN Rolle  Final results
A last race was held at the Semaine du Soir of the SN Rolloise on Lake Geneva. Winning the race, Camille Reithaar SNR with his Laser moved on rank one of the centerboard dinghies. No changes on top of the other classes: Bernard Gianola SNR won in the Surprise yachts, Christoph Lauber SNR with his Grand Surprise finished first in the TCF 1+2-rankings, in the TCF 3-rankings, Jean-Michel Vaucher SNR with his X99 remained in front, and last-but-not-least, Marc-Antoine Monnard SNR with his Dragon mastered the TCF-4-fleet. ----- The event website.

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