Mini 650 - Les Sables-Les Acores - Leg 2 - Day 5

Friday, August 14, 2020   
 Mini 650  Les SablesLes Acores  Leg 2  Day 5
This morning UTC, the first Minis have been approaching Wolf Rock on the most southern point of England, the northern waypoint of the race. In light winds again - after a short fresh breeze period with up to 25kn - Tanguy Bouroullec FRA is now in the lead 4,4nm ahead of Irina Gracheva RUS. Not far behind followed Antoine Perrin FRA in the 3rd position. ----- The first Series Mini 8nm behind the leading Proto with Victor D'Ersu FRA has a 3,6nm advantage on Jean-Marie Jézéquel FRA on rank 2. ----- The race tracker and the news.

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