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Wind- & Kitesurfing – Monday, August 22, 2016
Monday, August 22, 2016   

Windsurfing - Swiss Championship 2016 - Silvaplana - Final results

 Windsurfing - Swiss Championship 2016 - Silvaplana - Final results The weather change over Europe, forcing the organisers to abandon the traditional - 39th edition - Engadine Marathon, stayed on during Sunday as well, and no racing was possible for the Formula Course-Racer and the Slalom Specialists.
With 4 races completed, the Course-Race Swiss Championship could be validated, whereas the Slalom Swiss Championship with only one run is not valid. The 2016 Swiss Champion is Sebastian Kördel GER ahead of Nico Prien GER 2nd and Richard Stauffacher SUI 3rd. Heidi Ulrich SUI is the best-ranked woman.
The report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Sunday, August 21, 2016
Sunday, August 21, 2016   

Wind- & Kitesurfing - Engadine Surf-Marathon - Silvaplana

 Wind- & Kitesurfing - Engadine Surf-Marathon - Silvaplana Sun and an early Maloja thermal wind did set a perfect stage for the traditional Surf- and Kite-Marathon, but the scene changed quickly with a grey sky and with rain after the first round, killing the breeze. The surfers had to be collected all over the lake by a safety boat. Today, the Formula- and Slalom Swiss Championship continues. The report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Saturday, August 20, 2016
Saturday, August 20, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Medal by Nations

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Medal by Nations 17 nations did win an Olympic sailing medal in Rio. Europe was the strongest continent with 11 nations, the other parts of the World are 3 American nations (2xSouth, 1xNorth), Oceanic and 1 Asian (China). England is the top nation with 2 Gold and a Silver medal. Four medals have Australia and New Zealand. Remarkable Austria again with a medal this time. Without medals are the proven sailing nations Italy and Spain.
The medal table.
Saturday, August 20, 2016   

Windsurfing - Swiss Championship 2016 - Silvaplana - Day 3

 Windsurfing - Swiss Championship 2016 - Silvaplana - Day 3 With the weather change yesterday, th Maloja thermal breeze started to fill in, but not always stable. Nevertheless, two race have been completed by the Formula races, while the Slalom specialists finished one round.
Sebastian Kördel GER win race 3 of the Formula fleet ahead of Richard Stauffacher SUI and Nico Prien GER. Richard Stauffacher was first in the second heat of the day: race 4 ahead of Nico Prien GER and Elia Colombo SUI. Overall leader is Bastian Kördel GER ahead of Nico Prien GER and Richard Stauffacher SUI.
In the women's rankings, the young Swiss Romande Marion Froideveaux knapp was first ahead of Heidi Ulrich. Overall leader after 4 races is Heidi Ulrich in front of Marion Froidevaux.
The unconstant wind did not allow to terminate the Slalom Final that had to be abandoned several time. Winner in the women's fleet was Karin Jaggi followed by Marion Froidevaux and Heidi Ulrich after a tight duel decided just on the finish line.
The report. The updated ranking list has not yet been posted on the event website.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Friday, August 19, 2016
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Tuesday, August 16, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 8

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 8 Only the offshore courses where the skiffs were sailing three races had enough wind (15 kn) yesterday. The Laser Medal Races and the 470 qualification heats had to be cancelled.
In the 49ers dominated d'Ortoli/Delpech FRA with the day ranks 1/1/3 and moved up on rank 4 overall. The clear favorites Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL extended their lead on 18 points and it might well be, that they can be crowned Olympic Champions already after the three qualification races today. Erik Heil/Thomas Plössel GER consolidated their 2nd rank. Outteridge/Jensen AUS on 3rd are now 15 points behind the Germans. The light-weights Sébastien Schneiter/Lucien Cujean SUI could not follow in the fresh breeze on the open sea and decended on rank 18.
A leader change happened also in the 49ersFX, where Tamara Echegoyen/Berta Betanzos ESP dominated with the ranks 1/1/4 and took the overall lead. The first three are within 5 points with Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech NZL 4 points back and Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA another point behind. The 49ersFX conclude the qualifications with three races today.
All ranking lists and the daily news.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Monday, August 15, 2016
Monday, August 15, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 7

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 7 Yesterday, the full program was sailed in Rio in moderate winds around 10 kn.
The RS:X windsurfers were the first to conclude the Olympic Regatta with the Medal Races. Dorian Van Rijsselberghe NED and Nick Dempsey GBR were the premature Gold and Silver medalists and the interest was concentrated on the fight for Bronze. Pierre Le Coq FRA replaced Piotr Myszka POL on rank 3. The RS:X women Medal Race was very close. The leading Flavia Tartaglini ITA finished only on rank 9 and dropped out of the Medals on 4th. After a close fight between Charline Picon FRA and Peina Chen CHN, it was the French women grasping Gold just one point better. Stefania Elfutina RUS won the Bronze Medal after an impressive comeback from far behind after a missed start.
Giles Scott GBR made everything clear in the Finns winning a race also yesterday und securing the Gold Medal before the Medal Race. Vasilij Zbogar SLO is on a good way for Silver (his 3rd !), and only Ivan Klijakovic CRO could threaten him. But the Croate will probably be busy enough to defend Bronze against the all-out attacks from Caleb Paine USA and Max Salminen SWE t points behind. The Swede won Gold in the Starboats in London/Weymouth.
An overthrow happened in the Nacra-17 qualification races where the clearly leading Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin AUS had two bad races and dropped on rank 5. The veteran Santiago Lange (three times olympic Tornado medalist) with Cecilia Carranza ARG hs taken the lead 5 points ahead of Vittorio Bisarro/Silvia Secouri ITA. Thomas Zajac/Tanja Frank AUT follow on rank 3. The fleet is closely together and 7 teams can still hope for Medal.
The two 470 fleet sailed two races each. In the men, Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic CRO esxtended their lead on 11 points, Belcher/Ryan AUS and Mantis/Kagialis GRE follow on the ranks 2 and 3. Three more qualification races are on the program.
Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark GBR remain on top of the 470 women. Anne Haeger/Briana Provancha USA and Lara Vadlau/Jolanta Ogar AUT are new on the ranks 2 and 3.
All ranking lists and the official report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Sunday, August 14, 2016
Sunday, August 14, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 6

On day 6, the Lasers concluded the Qualification Series and already now, some premature decisions re the Medals have been made before the Medal Races on Monday. Tonci Stipanovic CRO and Tom Burton AUS in the Lasers Standard and Marit Bouwmeester NED in the Lasers Radial will receive Olympic metal. What quality will be decided in the Medal Race.
Stipanovic CRO has a solid 10 points' lead on Burton AUS and another 10 points back follows Sam Meech NZL. Marit Bouwmeester NED defended her first place in the Radials yesterday, but theorectically, Anne-Marie Rindom DEN at 5 points and Annalise Murphy IRL at 10 points could still snatch Gold.
The Finns sail the last Qualification Races today. Should Giles Scott GBR continue with his winning streak, he would become the premature Olympic Champion 2016 by this evening already, as his advantage on Vasilij Zbogar SLO is already 16 points. Jack Lilley AUS moved up on rank 3 yesterday.
The Nacra 17 will complete the last 3 Qualification races today as well. Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin AUS still hold the lead closely followed by Santiago Lange/Cecilia Carranza ARG and Ben Saxton/Nicola Groves GBR.
Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL remained first in the 49ers, but not as convincingly as expected, and the first challengers Erik Heil/Thomas Plössel GER are only 2 points behind. Przybytek/Kolodsinski POL are now on rank 3. The 6 Qualification races ahead will be crucial, as nothing has been decided yet.
Jena Hansen/Katja Salskov DEN have taken the lead in the 49erFX ahead of Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA and Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech at equal points.
All ranking lists and the official report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Saturday, August 13, 2016
Saturday, August 13, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 5 - the first Medals for NED and GBR

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 5 - the first Medals for NED and GBR The RS:X windsurfers were the first to conclude the Qualification Series for the Medal Race yesterday. Inspite of light winds, three races have been completed. With an outstanding performance and two race wins, the defending Olympic Champion Dorian Van Rijsselberghe NED made everything clear and grasped Olympic Gold prematurely before the Medal Race. His advantage on Nick Dempsey GBR is 21 points, and with 26 points on the third-ranked Piotr Myszka POL, the Brit earns Silver as he did four years ago in London/Weymouth. Myszka, Pierre Le Coq FRA and Byron Kokkalanis GRE will fight for the Bronze Medal. Suspense in the RS:X women Medal Race as the first six are separated by 6 points only. Flavia Tartaglini ITA and Stefania Elfutina RUS share the lead at equal points ahead of Peina Chen CHN, the winner of all three races yesterday, on the 3rd place tied with Charline Picon FRA and Mayaan Davidovich ISR.
The almost lull conditions on the 470 course allowed to finish only one race, won by Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark GBR taking over the lead ahead of Ai Kondo/Miho Yoshioka JPN and Camille Lecointre/Hélène Defrance FRA at equal points on the 2nd place. Leader in the 470 men remain Fantela/Marenic CRO 2 points ahead of Belcher/Ryan AUS. Thanks to the race win, Patience/Grube GBR advanced on rank 3. Five Qualification races are still on the program of the 470s.
The Lasers will conclude the Qualification Series today with 2 races. Man of the day was Robert Scheidt BRA with the day ranks 4 and 5 moving up on rank 2 overall only 3 points behind Tonci Stipanovic CRO. The chances for the Brazilian super-star to earn his 6th Olympic Medal are good. This will not be a free lunch, as the Worldranking nbr 1 Tom Burton AUS and the World Champion Nick Thompson GBR follow closely behind.
Anne-Marie Rindom DEN had a solid day with the ranks 4 and 5 taking the overall lead. Marit Bouwmeester NED on rank 2 is 10 points back. The previously leading big-breeze specialist Annalise Murphy IRL did her best in the light winds, but she nevertheless descended on rank 3. Fighting hard is also the 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist Evi Van Acker BEL, who has been ill since day 2. Whether this is because of the dirty water will hardly be known. Finishing 2nd yesterday, she moved up on rank 6 and can still hope for a Medal.
The Olympic Skiffs sailed their first races yesterday, but the wind situation allowed for only 2 of the 3 planned races. The top favorites Peter Burling/Blair Tuke NZL excelled once more and won both races. Jorge Lima/Jose Costa POR are surprisingly on rank 2, Erik Heil/Thomas Plössel GER are 3rd. A big surprise is the first interim's place of Erin Rafuse/Dannie Boyd CAN never in the top ranks before in the 49erFX. Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA, Sarah Steyaert/Aude Compan FRA and Giulia Conti/Francesca Clapcich ITA follow at equal points on rank 2.
The official report and all ranking lists.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Friday, August 12, 2016
Friday, August 12, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 4

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 4 A fresh breeze prevailed on the fourth day of the Olympic Regatta, especially on the offshore courses, where big 3 meter wave added some flavor as well. The 470s had the pleasure to sail their two races on the open Atlantic with the experienced teams clearly dominating.
New on top of the 470 women are the Olympic Champions 2012 Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie NZL, best of the day with the ranks 1 and 4. Ai Kondo/Miho Yoshioka JPN follow 2 points behind on rank 2. Three teams follow ranked 3 to 5 at equal points: Hannah Mills/Sakia Clarke GBR, Camille Lecointre/Héléne Defrance FRA and Tina Mrak/Nicole Makarol SLO.
In the 470 men, Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic CRO extended their lead with the day ranks 1 and 4. Belcher/Ryan AUS on the 2nd place are now 3 points back. Mantis/Kagialis GRE defended their 3rd place.
Dorian Van Rijsselberghe NED moved up on rank 1 with two bullets yesterday in the RS:X men windsurfers. He has now an 8 points' lead on Nick Dempsey GBR. Piotr Myszka POL defended the 3rd position. In the RS:X wome windsurfers, the first three are separated by one point only. Flavia Tartaglini ITA defended her lead one point ahead of Charline Picon FRA and the surprising youth surfer Stefanyia Elfutina RUS. As best of the day, the defending Olympic champion Marina Alabau ESP advanced on rank 4.
Four races sailed the Nacra 17 catamarans. With two bullets, Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin AUS took the overall lead ahead of Ben Saxton/Nicola Grove GBR at equal points. Vittorio Bissaro/Silvia Sicouri ITA moved up on rank 3.
Giles Scott GBR extended his lead in the Finns on 11 points with another race win. Vasilij Zbogar SLO remains his first challenger. Surprisingly strong remains Berecz Zsombor HUN, winning a race yesterday and progressing on rank 3 overall.
All ranking lists and the daily news.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Thursday, August 11, 2016
Thursday, August 11, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 3

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 3 Six of the 10 Olympic classes sailed yesterday, the Finns and Lasers on the offshore courses in fresh winds around 20 kn.
The Nacras 17 sailed close to the shore under the Sugarloaf Mountain in a rather unconstant difficult breeze. Two of the three planned races were completed. The first leaders are jointly Matias Bühler/Nathalie Brugger SUI and Ben Saxton/Nicola Grove GBR. Santiago Lange/Cecilia Carranza ARG follow as 3rd.
The two Laser fleets sailed out on the Atlantic course off the Copacabana in a 20 kn wind, and the experienced athletes are now in command after 6 races. In the Lasers Standard, Tonci Stipanovic CRO defended his first place. The best of the day and World Champion Nick Thompson GBR moved up on rank 2. As 3rd follows Rutger Van Schaardenburg NED. The new leader in the Lasers Radial is Annelise Murphy IRL one point ahead of Anne-Marie Rindom DEN - best of the day yesterday with the ranks 1 and 3. Another point behind is Marit Bouwmeester NED.
The 470 sailed also in the variable winds of the Guanabara Bay. With Fantela/Marenic CRO (yesterday 1/2) and Belcher/Ryan AUS (8/1), the most cited favorites are on top of the interim's rankings in the 470 men after the first two races. Snow-Hansen/Willcox NZL follow on rank 3. In the 470 women, Kondo/Yoshioka JPN (4/1) have taken the lead, as the defending Olympic Champions Aleh/Powrie NZL (dsq/1) are behind for the moment after a disqualification. Haeger/Provancha USA and Oliveira Barbachan BRA follow as 3rd at equal points.
In the fresh breeze on the Atlantic, Giles Scott GBR demonstrated his skills in the Finns taking the overall lead with the day ranks 1 and 2. Vasilij Zbogar SLO follows on rank 2 with a 5 points backlog. The surprise man Alican Kaynar TUR succeeded to keep the 3rd place also in a fresh wind.
All ranking lists and the official report.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Wednesday, August 10, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 2

 OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 2 Light winds prevailed on the second day of the Rio Olympic Regatta. The Lasers and RS:X windsurfers continued their programs with the races 3 and 4, respectively 4 to 6. In addition, the Finns sailed their first two races. All three race courses were inside the Guanabara Bay, and above all for the Finns sailing close to the shore near the Sugarloaf Mountain, the conditions were very shaky.
Vasilij Zbogar SLO has taken the lead in the heavy-weight single-hander with the day ranks 1 and 3. Surprising are the ranks 2 and 3 with Alican Kaynar TUR and Facundo Olezza ARG. The Argentinian even won a race in his first Olympics.
Not easy were the conditions also for the Lasers sailing on the western end of the Bay. Thanks to a race win, Julio Alsogaray ARG is now the sole leader in the Lasers Standard 6 points ahead of Tonci Stipanovic CRO. Sam Meech NZL advanced on rank 3.
Strong-nerved was the defending Olympic Champion Lijia Xu CHN in the Lasers Radial. Having lost a race win due to a disqualification the day before yesterday, she came back strongly with the ranks 1 and 3 and moved up on top of the overall rankings. Surprising is the second place of big-breeze specialist Annalise Murphy IRL, who never was successful in light winds before. The leading trio is closely followed by the favorites Tuula Tenkanen FIN, Marit Bouwmeester NED and Evi Van Acker BEL.
In the RS:X-Windsurfern, the duel between Nick Dempsey GBR and Dorian Van Rijsselberghe NED keeps on as four years ago at the London/Weymouth Olympics. Dempsey leads 3 points ahead of the Dutchman. New on rank 3 is Piotr Myszka POL.
Flavia Tartaglini ITA dominated yesterday the RS:X women windsurfers with the ranks 1/1/4 and took the overall lead, but Charline Picon FRA is only one point behind. The young Stefaniya Elfutina RUS keeps the 3rd place.
Today, six events are on the program. In addition to the two Laser classes and Finns, the Nacra17 and the two 470 fleets will be racing. We shall follow the competition live on this website starting at 17h UTC.
Wind- & Kitesurfing – Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Tuesday, August 9, 2016   

OLYMPIC GAMES 2016 - Rio de Janeiro BRA - Day 1

The Olympic Regatta 2016 in Rio de Janeiro began yesterday in perfect sailing conditions with a 10-15 kn wind. The the Men and Women Lasers sailed two, the RS:X windsurfer fleets three races.
The breeze on the windsurfing course was somewhat fresher and the favorites are already in command. With the ranks 1/2/1, Charline Picon FRA has taken the lead in the RS:X women windsurfers. Stefania Elfutina RUS and Flavia Tartaglini ITA are the first challengers. Also two race wins are on the result sheet of Nick Dempsey GBR in the RS:X men windsurfers. The defending Olympic Champion Dorian Van Rijsselberghe NED and Byron Kokkalanis GRE are on rank 2 at equal points.
Tonci Stipanovic CRO, day ranks 5 and 1, has taken the lead in the Lasers Standard with the same number of points as Julio Alsogaray ARG (2/4). Sergei Kommisarov RUS follows on rank 3. Disqualifications influence the rankings in the two Laser Radial races. The best of the day Gintare Scheidt LTU (3/1) and Lijia XU CHN (1/2) were both penalised in one of the races and the favorite Marit Bouwmeester NED (4/5) has therefore taken the lead. Anne-Marie Rindom DEN follows on the 2nd auf Rang 2.
The results service of World Sailing is still out-of-service this morning. A results' overview however is available on the organiser website.
In addition to the windsurfers and Lasers, the Finns will start their Olympic regatta with Giles Scott GBR as favorite.
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