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Laser - Europacup 2012 - Torbole ITA - Day 3

Monday, March 26, 2012   (Image © Slidebox)
Almost 500 Lasers in seven categories at the second Laser Europacup event at Torbole/Lake Garda are not an easy task to manage, and it seems, that the multitude of modern information channels complicates the situation even more. At this moment, the posted ranking lists on the event website show the results of Friday (see our news of Saturday). According to the report of the organsing CV Torbole, some more races were sailed on Saturday, and according to the event twitter, two more races were completed on Sunday as well. Two more heats are on the program today, final day of the event. All results as known so far.
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Laser - Europacup 2012 - Torbole ITA

Friday, 23. March 2012– Monday, 26. March 2012


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