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Sunday, December 27, 2009   
The leading trio has reached the South Cape, the most Southern point of Australia, this morning, sailing in a moderate breeze between 10 and 15 kn. The wind direction has now changed from South-East to North-East, and the first boats have hoisted their spinakers. 'Alfa Romeo' of Neville Crichton NZL is the first of the three 100-foot-supermaxis, followed by 'ICAP Leopard' (Mike Slade GBR) 15 miles behind and 'Wild Oats XI' (Mark Richards AUS) 17 miles back. Here the interims standings. Unkconstant conditions with lulls and wind shifts await the fleet within the next 24 hours in the Bass-Strait area between Australia and Tasmania. The race is by far not over yet. In the meantime, a 6-minutes film about the start has been published by the Australian TV. Moreover, reports commenting the race are posted, some of them with photo galleries.

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