IMOCA Open 60 - Transat B-to-B - Day 7

Wednesday, December 14, 2011   
 IMOCA Open 60  Transat BtoB  Day 7
The 8 participants respectfully await the coming three days of the Transat B-to-B as the final straight of the Atlantic crossing could be extremely difficult. Already now, gust above 40 kn rush over the fleet, and in the coming day, wind speeds of 55-60 kn are expected also at the edge of the storm depression. 'Macif' with François Gabart FRA still leads with 67 miles on Armel Le Cléac'h FRA and 104 miles on Vincent Riou FRA. The race-viewer (activate the wind function in upper right corner), the daily report and the videos.
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IMOCA Open 60 - Transat BtoB - St.Barth FRA-Lorient FRA

Monday, 5. December 2011– Sunday, 18. December 2011


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