IMOCA Open 60 - Europa Warm Up - Leg 2 - Day 8

Sunday, June 3, 2012   (Image © Jacques Vapillon)
 IMOCA Open 60  Europa Warm Up  Leg 2  Day 8
After 8 days' racing, the fleet is now in the approach of the arrival at La Rochelle. Westerly winds push the Open 60s with good speed, and the first boats are expected to finish the leg by noon today Sunday. Fighting for the first place are Vincent Riou FRA ('PRB') and Francois Gabart FRA ('Macif') separated by 1,2 miles only this morning. On the loosing side is Bernard Stamm SUI, who has been without meteo news for the past 48 hours having lost the onboard communication technology. As third, he is 55 miles behind. The race-viewer, the reports and the videos.
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IMOCA Open 60 - Europ Warm Up - Leg 1 - Barcelona ESP-Lisabon POR

Saturday, 19. May 2012– Wednesday, 23. May 2012


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