Nacra 15, RS Feva - Régate - CN Morges

Tuesday, May 21, 2019   
 Nacra 15, RS Feva  Regate  CN Morges
The Nacra-15 and RS-Feva sailed 5 races on Lake Geneva off Morges over the past weekend.
Dominating the youth catamaran Nacra 15 fleet with three bullets were Elouane Gäumann/Noëmi Fehlmann CNM, ahead of Andrea Aschieri/Aurélien Castro SNNy and Emma Jonsson/Basile Wohlers SNG. 10 teams were present.
In the RS-Feva, Alex Bossel/Niklas Shaw CVVT finished first ahead of Patricia Winssinger/Hugo Winssinger SNNy. 6 teams were present.
The tanking lists.

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