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World Laser Masters Championship 2009 - Halifax CAN - day 1 .... two initial races sailed

Monday, August 31, 2009   (Image © Archiv)
The storm depression having passed, the Laser Masters began yesterday in Canada in moderate conditions. The 295 entrants in total are split in 3 Standard and 4 Radial age categories: Apprentices (35+), Masters (40+), Grand Masters (50, +) and in the Radials the Great Grand Masters (60+). Well established leaders appear after the first two races for each category: Adonis Bougiouris GRE (2/1) is first of the Standard Apprentices. The Standard Masters - with 81 participants the largest fleet - are led by Andy Pimental USA ahead of Arnoud Hummel NED and Peter Vesella USA. With two race wins, the former Finn World Champion Wolfgang Gerz is in front of the Standard Grand Masters followed by Mark Bethwaite AUS and Alan Keen RSA.
The leaders in the Radial categories are Richard Bott AUS (Apprentices), Carlos-Eduardo Wanderley BRA (Masters), Rob Koci CAN (Grand Masters) and Michael Kinnear GBR (Great Grand Masters. The daily report.

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