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Sunday, May 16, 2010   
 Bol d'Or du lac de Neuchâtel  CV Grandson  a new reord
The fleet of the 12 M2 catamaran has once again improved the existing record of 2 hrs 30min, thank to a well established North-Easterly wind. The time gaps between the teams have been very small. 'Team Parmigiani' with Christophe Peclard and Bertrand Geiser steering are on the first place with the new record of 2 hrs 15 min. The multis on the positions 3 to 7 finished within 15 secondes. The monohull winner is the 18 footer australien with Cyril Peyrot-Wasmer as helmsman. The preliminary results of the Bol d'or de Neuchatel (PDF).

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