Laser - John Bertrand USA - The master returns

Wednesday, August 4, 2010   (Image © Chuck Place)
 Laser  John Bertrand USA  The master returns
In the 1970s and into the early 1980s, Californian John Bertrand was one of a select group of talented young sailors who, collectively, turned the world of dinghy sailing on its head. Starting with Lasers and eventually moving on to Finns, the “Laser Generation,” as they’d been dubbed, perfected roll tacking and roll jibing, pushed the kinetics window to its limit, and, in the process, dominated the world of Laser and Finn sailing for close to a decade. For Bertrand, the zenith of his early career was a pair of successive Laser world titles, followed by similar success in the Finn and a silver medal in the 1984 Olympic Games behind Russell Coutts. Then he disappeared from the dinghy scene. In big boats, he served as America's Cup tactician for Dennis Conner. Now, three decades after he last set foot in a Laser, he’s back, and playing catch up with a faster generation. An înterview in Sailing World.

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