Saturday, February 25, 2012   
 18Footer  JJ Giltinan Championship 2012  Sydney AUS  Day 6
After a lay day yesterday, the 18-footer Worlds are now in the crucial phase in the fight for the top spots. Two races are still on the program, but nobody doubts that the defending champion 'Gotta love it 7' will be the stellar winner, as Seve Jarvin AUS and his team have already 4 1st and a 2nd race rank on their record, and another top place today would already be sufficient. The fight for the remaining medals however remains exciting. The results after 5 heats. Race 6 is underway, and the results will be available during this morning on the event-website.
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18-Foot-Skiff - JJ Giltinan Trophy 2012 - Sydney AUS

Thursday, 16. February 2012– Monday, 27. February 2012


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