Friday, June 22, 2012   (Image © Maria Muino)
 Volvo Ocean Race 2012  Lorient FRA
No mercy by the Jury for 'Telefonica', 'Groupama' and 'Abu Dhabi', who requested to take the yachts ashore for major repairs. Here the report. This is a hard hit above all for 'Telefonica' with both rudders severely damaged. In case they installed new rudders, they would be relegated by one rank in all remaining races. It remains open, whether to old rudders can be repaired under these circomstances. The Spanish team was leading in the 8th leg, when the incident damaging both rudders happened. In an interview on the official website, the skipper Iker Martinez ESP explains the situation in the Bay of Biscay storm. The start to the last leg direction Galloway IRL will be given Sunday in a week.
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Volvo 70 - Volvo Ocean Race 2011/2012 - Alicante ESP

Friday, 28. October 2011– Sunday, 8. July 2012


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