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Tuesday, March 9, 2010   (Image © BMWOracle)
 America’s Cup  NZ Herald reports on Coutts’ plans cause a stir
Two reports in the New Zealand daily ‘NZ Herald’ caused some concern among Cup aficionados. One suggests Russell Coutts could be planning a raid on Alinghi: ‘There's a few of the Alinghi guys, quite a few of them, that any team will target. Murray Jones is certainly one of the guys who has got plenty of skills, his record speaks for itself,’ Coutts said. "There are others as well. It will be interesting to see what happens there over the next six to 12 months with the teams and these people. I think there will be some shuffling.’ According to the Herald, Coutts also confirmed San Francisco's pole position to become the venue for America's Cup 34 in 2013. But there is more, the Herald
hints at the possibility that Russell Coutts might consider walking away from the America’s Cup undefeated, after winning the trophy with teams from three different countries for family reasons. Does that mean he’s leaving Larry in the lurch? ‘I'm still deciding what to do in the future. I don't want to rush things on that,’ Coutts was quoted.

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