Surprise - Les 5 jours du Léman - CV Vidy - Day 1

Monday, July 27, 2020   
 Surprise  Les 5 jours du Leman  CV Vidy  Day 1
Yesterday at 13h UTC, the 40 two-person teasm started to their 120-hour-marathon in circles around the full Lake Geneva. In light, but regular winds, the fleets passed the second and most eastern buoy off Le Bouverat already this morning. A 10-team leader group is closely together with Léo Tetaz/Arno Hunziker as first, followed at sight by Max Haenssler/Nelson Mettraux, Philippe Durr/Edouard Kessi and Eric Monnin/Ute Wagner. ----- The race tracker, the news and the video of the start.
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Surprise - Les 5 jours du Léman - CV Vidy

Sunday, 26. July 2020– Friday, 31. July 2020


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