Thursday, February 15, 2018   (Image © Rich Edwards)
 VOR65  Ocean Race 2017/18  Leg 6  Day 9
The fast reaching ride direction South continued yesterday driven by the trade winds and only slight position changes happened. The situation might change today when the innertropical convergence zone will be reached by the leading boats. 'AkzoNobel' (Simeon Tienpont NED) 32nm ahead this morning UTC will loose speed and the fleet will be closing up. Remains to be seen whether 'Scallywag' (David Witt AUS) sailing on an extreme leewards position will benefit from a better wind angle. The crossing of the Doldrums will be crucial for the final outcome of leg 6.
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VOR65 - Ocean Race 2017/18 - Alicante ESP

Saturday, 14. October 2017– Tuesday, 26. June 2018


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