VOR65 - Ocean Race 2017/18 - Leg 7 - Day 9

Monday, March 26, 2018   
 VOR65  Ocean Race 2017/18  Leg 7  Day 9
The expected weather system carried westerly galeforce winds of up to 45kn yesterday which have slacked a bit in the meantime. The next weather front with high wind speeds is expected on Monday evening. 'Brunel' (Bouwe Bekking NED) managed to extend her lead to 27 miles, 'Vestas', 'Dongfeng' and 'Turn the tide on Plastic' which are only four miles apart, are first pursuers. 'Mapfre', on the other hand, is currently loosing miles against the leaders. Damage to the mast track makes it impossible for the Spaniards to hoist the main sail fully. In the now more moderate conditions, a fully reset main sail would be required. With Reef 2 they are at times up to 3kn slower than the rest of the fleet. The Race Tracker, the reports and the Video of the day.
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VOR65 - Ocean Race 2017/18 - Alicante ESP

Saturday, 14. October 2017– Tuesday, 26. June 2018


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