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For over 13 years, has been the only online sail-racing news platform with daily updated results and information on all international, especially top regattas as published on available Events Calendars, and this 365 days/year without interruption. Thanks to the personal engagement of two former Olympians, news texts with links to results and detailed websites are available daily in English, French and German as from 6 h a.m. UTC.
This website has been and will hopefully mainly be financed with advertising banners, and we are very grateful for these contributions. In addition, very generous smaller and larger donations have helped to keep the very modest budget more or less in balance.
More and more online news services are forced to request compulsory subscription fees. As a non-profit business, and in order to make access to sailracing information the widest possible for the benefit of organising authorities and athletes, as well as our advertisers, we have decided to continue this service for free. However, your voluntary personal contributions, dear readers, will be needed to run these pages at high level also in the future.
Please find here all details how to support us - as advertisers or as donators. Thank you very much in advance !

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