Thursday, October 4, 2018   
 World Sailing is crippled, finacially and otherwise
The International Sports Federation 'World Sailing' is facing heavy critics. Four weeks before the Annual Meeting to be held in Sarasota USA, above all the CEO Andrew Hunt, a non-sailor coming from Rugby, is heavily critisised. Forced to leave British Olympic after the London 2012 Games, he was engaged by World Sailing. With the relocation from Southampton to the expensive center of London, a blown-up administration and excessive wages, the cost to run the federation exploded, and the expected sponsor money did not materialise. Comes in addition, that the proposed change of the majority of Olympic Events for 2024 is unaceptable for most athletes concerned.
'Return Sailing to the Sailors' .... resistance has been formed and it has to be seen, whether Council at the Annual Meeting, respectively the Delegates of the National Sailing Federations at the General Assembly will follow.
The well-known Yachting Journalist Bob Fisher did summarize the situation in an article.

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