Women Match Race - Olympic Games 2012 - Day 6

Samedi 4 august 2012   
The Women Match Racers have just finished the Round Robin of the 2012 Olympics, and the eight best-ranked proceed to the Quarter Finals of Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Olivia Powrie AUS dominated the Matches with a flawless 11-0 score ahead of Ekaterina Skudina RUD, Tamara Echegoyen ESP and Anna Tunnicliffe USA, all with 8-3 wins. Silija Lehtinen FIN, Claire Leroy FRA, Lucy McGregor GBR and Renée Groenveld NED complete the Quarter finalist table.The results.
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Olympic Games 2012 - Weymouth GBR

Samedi, 28. Juillet 2012– Dimanche, 12. August 2012


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