MOD70-Trimaran - 'Race for Water' on the Easter Islands

Thursday, June 4, 2015   
 MOD70Trimaran  'Race for Water' on the Easter Islands
The MOD70-trimaran 'Race for Water' has been underway for 80 days now in her scientific odysee around the Globe. This expedition is dedicated to water preservation, as this vital resource is in serious danger today. To learn, share and act on our Water Footprint and Marine Plastic Pollution are the main issues the Foundation focuses on.
During their last stopover on the sparcely populated small Easter Islands inmidst the Pacific Ocean, faraway from civilisation, they discovered massively plastic-polluted beaches. Even the inhabitants of the island, mainly nurished with seafood, have now spurs of plastic in their blood. On the R4W-website, Steve Ravussin SUI and his team inform on the scientific research they did on the Easter Island, including pictures and video.
Two days ago, the trimaran departed direction Hawaii. On the way, the huge garbage patch on the Pacific will be crossed, grown to one of the largest 'island' in the Pacific ! During their trip, the website and the available newsletter will inform daily on the situation.

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