2.4mR, Hansa 303, RS Venture - Para World Championship 2018 - Sheboygan WI, USA - Day 2

Thursday, September 20, 2018   
The Para Worlds on Lake Michigan continued yesterday with 3 races for the 2.4m and 5 heats for the Hansa 303 women, who completed only one race on the opening day.
Matthew Bugg AUS has taken the lead in the 2.4m with the day ranks 2/1/1, one point ahead of Damien Séguin FRA on 2nd. The French Paralympic Champion announced a few days before the Worlds, that he had just signed a contract with a sponsor for his Vendée-Globe-Project 2020. On the forthcoming Route du Rhum of November 2018, the one-handed Séguin FRA will participate with his Open 60.
In the Hansa 303 women, Olga Gornas POL clearly leads after 6 races ahead of Marina Perterer AUT.
No news were available this morning UTC from the other two classes.
The results and the event website.

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