420, 470, Dolphin - Lebkuchen-Regatta III - RC Oberhofen

Monday, November 5, 2018   
 420, 470, Dolphin  LebkuchenRegatta III  RC Oberhofen
Over the past weekend, the third and last round of the 2018 "Gingerbread Regatta" on Lake Thoune was held. On Saturday, three races were completed, but yesterday, the wind was apparently too light to add some more heatas.
Stefan Eggimann RCO and his team finished first in the Dolphins ahead of Olivier Aebi TYC and Tom Studer CVN.
In the 420s, the Lake Zoug teams dominated with Malin Karlsson/Myrlin Tappolet SCC winning ahead of Anna Wollkpf/Paula Wollkopf YCZ.
Theresa Löffler/Lena Stückl GER finished on top of the 470 ahead of Philipp Erni/Stephan Zurfluh SCC and Marc Ninck/lorenz Ninck TYC.
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