Star - Star Sailors League - Finals - Nassau BAH - Day 4

Saturday, December 8, 2018   
Yesterday, the qualifications for today's 'Super Saturday' of the SSL Final on the Bahamas was concluded with 4 races sailed again in a well-established seabreeze between 12 and 15kn. The best 10 teams will continue the competition in the next round. The two best are already qualified for the Final of the best four. The after two more race wins clearly leading Robert Scheidt/Henry Boening BRA, 22 points ahead of Mark Mendelblatt/Brian Fatih USA will therefore resume racing later today. Diego Negri/Frithjof Kleen GER moved up on rank 3. The fight for the rank 10 cut remained open until the last race, and experienced Starboat teams made it finally. On fire yesterday were Paul Cayard/Arthur Lopes USA jumping into the top-10 on rank 7 with the day ranks 2/1/3/14 to the disadvantage of Zsombor Beresz HUN/Michael Maier CZE descending on rank 11 tied with rank 10. Non of the invited Champions reached this year the knockout finals.
The ranking list, the news and the full-length video replay (6hrs) of yesterday's the lifestream[/URL], a state-of-the-art coverage with outstanding commentary lead by the two-time Olympic Champion Shirley Robertson GBR. Sailing can be an exciting public sport ! Join in today and watch the Finals today on this website.
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Star - Star Sailors League - Finals - Nassau BAH

Tuesday, 4. December 2018– Saturday, 8. December 2018


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