Star - Star Sailors League - Finals - Nassau BAH - Final results

Sunday, December 9, 2018   
Overcast skies and a 15-20kn wind prevailed yesterday during the Star Sailors League Final on the Bahamas with the best 10 teams qualified, among them 8 former World Champions.
In the Quarter Finals, Lööf/Natucci SWE/ITA, Grael/Goncalves BRA and Cayard/Lopes USA/BRA were eliminated. The Semi Final was the end for Rohart/Ponsot FRA, Kuszierwicz/Zycki POL and Mendelblatt/Fatih USA. The remaining 3 teams met the qualifcation winners Scheidt/Boehning BRA, directly selected for the Final. But it was the day of Jorge Zarif/Pedro Trouche BRA, winners of the Quarter and Semi Finals, who had the upper hand in the 4-boat Final, taking the title and the lions' share of the prize money. The favorites Scheidt/Boening BRA had to content themselves with rank 2. Negri ITA/Kleen GER finished 3rd, ahead of Melleby NOR/Revkin USA, btw another podium for Frithjof Kleen GER after his 2017 victory with Paul Goodison GBR,
The results, the daily news and the full-lengt video replay of the Final day (perfect 4 hrs rainy Sunday entertainment, sail racing at its best !).
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Star - Star Sailors League - Finals - Nassau BAH

Tuesday, 4. December 2018– Saturday, 8. December 2018


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