Mini 650 - Mini-Transat - Leg 1 - Day 4

Wednesday, October 9, 2019   
 Mini 650  MiniTransat  Leg 1  Day 4
François Jambou FRA has taken the lead in the Protos ahead of Axel Tréhin FRA 6nm behind. In the Series Minis, the dominating leader Ambrogio Beccaria ITA dropped on rank 8 during the past night. Guillaume L'Hostis FRA followed by Julien Letissier FRA are new on top. As only ones bypassing the cargo ship exclusion zone westward, they took advantage from the fresher winds. ----- In freshening rear winds, the fleet passed Cape Finisterre yesterday. The second half of leg one will most probably be a fast ride under the overpowered spinakers. ----- The race tracker and the news.
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Mini 650 - Mini-Transat - La Rochelle FRA - Gran Canaria ESP - Martinique FRA

Sunday, 22. September 2019– Tuesday, 15. October 2019


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