Ultime Trimaran - Brest-Atlantiques - Brest FRA - Day 18 - Sodebo retires

Saturday, November 23, 2019   (Image © Jérémie Eloy)
 Ultime Trimaran  BrestAtlantiques  Brest FRA  Day 18  Sodebo retires
After a comprehensive control of the Ultime-Trimaran 'Sodebo' ashore in Cape Town, Thomas Coville/Jean-Luc Nélias FRA with the media man Martin Keruzoré FRA decided to abandon the race. After the collision with flotsam, their trimaran is in worse conditions than expected, as not only the floater hull with the torn-off rudder, but also the foil daggerboard has been damaged. Repair within a reasonable time is not possible. The report. ------ The three Ultimes remaining in the race are making good progress off the coast of Namibia in moderate rear winds. 'Edmond de Rothschild' (Cammas/Caudrelier FRA) extended her lead and had a 357nm advantage on 'Macif' (Gabart/Gahinet FRA) this morning UTC. Only 10nm back followed 'Actual' (Le Blevec FRA/Pella ESP) on the 3rd place. ----- A calm zone ahead might have an influence in the positions in the days to come. ----- The race tracker, the news and the videos.
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Ultime Trimaran - Brest-Atlantique - Brest FRA

Sunday, 3. November 2019– Monday, 18. November 2019


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