Ice-Sailing - DN European Championship - Orsasjön SWE - Day 1

Tuesday, February 11, 2020   
 IceSailing  DN European Championship  Orsasjoen SWE  Day 1
Lukasz Zakrzsewski POL was the only DN pilot managing the unconstant and very shifty wind conditions as well as the melting wet ice at the DN-Icesailing Europeans on Lake Orsa in Sweden, finishing twice on the second rank. Anton Didenko RUS and Jarek Radzki POL are the first challengers. The favorites Karol Jablonski POL (1/19) and Tomasz Zakrzsewski POL (1/16) however had both the first downers. David Howlett GBR follows as 46th. ----- The results and the news including the video of the day.
Ice-Sailing - DN European & World Championship

Saturday, 8. February 2020– Saturday, 15. February 2020


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