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Sunday, March 29, 2020   
 Support Sailing News !  Your support is urgently needed !
With the cancellation of all national and international regattas by at least the end of April, a difficult period will be to overcome. Well, sailing is a diverse sport, and we will do our utmost to keep our pages interesting by gathering more background reports, videos and of course everything you need tco know about the Olympic Games or the America's Cup in the next few weeks. Check in with us every day! ----- Deliver content is one, financing the operation is the more critical part for our web portal. In the near future, we must live with the situation that the urgently needed advertisers are delaying decisions to renew and book promotion banners and texts, inspite of the fact, that our website offers by far the best and fastest access to the nautical target market compared with other media in Switzerland. ----- For the next two months, we badly need voluntary subscription fees and donations to overcome this critical period with many contributions to our fundraising campaign. Your help is urgently needed! Many thanks in advance.

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