Optimist, Laser Radial & 4.7, RS Feva, Nacra 15 - Le Défi du Léman - CN Morges

Monday, June 29, 2020   
 Optimist, Laser Radial + 4.7, RS Feva, Nacra 15  Le Defi du Leman  CN Morges
Four more races were held on Lake Geneva with participants from the Jura Lacs dominating in the Optimists with Lars Dittel BT moving up on top ahead of Simon Mille CVE and Felix Filliger CVN. The best girl Morgan Mazuay CVN followed on rank 6 among the 77 participants. ----- In the Lasers Radial, Eliott Raison SNG was the winner ahead of Loïc Oddin SNG and Benjamin Dufour SNG. ----- On top of the Lasers 4.7 was Boris Hirsch SNG in front of Audrey Deryckere SNG and Viktoria Jedlisnka SNG. ----- In the RSFeva, Youri Deklerck/Yann Van de Vyver SNG ahead of Léonie Baudet/André Sorokin SNG was the final ranking. ----- Clément and Aurélie Guignard SNNy advanced on rank 1 in the Nacra 15 catamarans yesterday followed by Axel Grandjean/Marie Mazuay CVVT. ----- The event website.

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