Vierwaldstättersee-Cup - Bürgenstock Race - SK Ennetbürgen

Tuesday, September 15, 2020   (Image © Susanne Seeger)
 VierwaldstaetterseeCup  Buergenstock Race  SK Ennetbuergen
The Bürgenstock Race on Lake Lucerne, leading from the Gersau Basin to Lake Uri and back to Beckenried, was held last Saturday in very light winds. The fleet was split in six categories in SRS Handicap rankings. ---- The winners were in the Racers 1 Florian Löwenthal RVB on an Esse 850, in the Racers 2 Urs Infanger SKM on a X99 and in the Open Racers Andreas Zimmerli RVB, the only one to complete the race. ----- All ranking lists.

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