Figaro 3 - La Solitaire du Figaro - Leg 3 - Day 4

Wednesday, September 16, 2020   (Image © Adrien François)
 Figaro 3  La Solitaire du Figaro  Leg 3  Day 4
Even after four race days, the Figaro 3 fleet of the Solitaire remained closely packed this morning UTC with Yann Eliès FRA in the lead with 60nm left to the finish line of leg 3. Sam Goodchild GBR followed 1,3nm behind, another 0,3nm back was Xavier Macaire FRA. The overall leader Armel Le Cléac'h FRA did comeback strongly from behind and his backlog as 10th-ranked was only 2,9nm this morning. ----- Estimated time of arrival this Wednesday late afternoon UTC. ----- The race tracker, the news and the videos.
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Figaro 3 - La Solitaire du Figaro - St. Brieuc FRA

Sunday, 30. August 2020– Saturday, 19. September 2020


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