Yngling, blu 26, Lacustre, H-Boot - Automn Trophy - Zürcher YC

Tuesday, October 8, 2019   
 Yngling, blu 26, Lacustre, HBoot  Automn Trophy  Zuercher YC
Gusty and shifty Westwinds on the lower end of Lake Zurich allowed the four classes to complete five races on Saturday. Sunday, the wind was good enough for just one race. ----- In the largest fleet with 17 teams, the Ynglings, Christoph Bichsel RCO finished first closely followed by Thomas Beck TYC. ----- In the blu26, Michael Klötzli ZYC and his team were on rank 1, and at the same time winners of the Annual blu26 Class Championship. On rank 2 followed Sören Laugeson DEN. ----- The best Lacustre skipper Martin Zobl ZYC, followed by Enrico De Maria YCR. ----- Christian Fierz SCO and his team finished first in the H-Boats. All ranking lists

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