Corona Situation - Restart Sailing in Switzerland!

Thursday, May 28, 2020   
The 2020 regatta season in Switzerland can start on June 6th!
----- The Corona restrictions loosened by the Federal Council from that date on will allow all boat classes to race in normal fleets. Distance keeping between boats is normal business under the Racing Rules. If the 2m distance between persons exercising a sport cannot be respected, such as on a boat, the names of all team members noted when registering will allow the all-important contact tracing to limit the further spreading of the virus in case of an infection.
----- The persons responsible for the operation on land (including catering facilities) and the regatta organizers with an individual protection concept are still responsible for compliance with distance regulations and hygiene measures. Now that spontaneous groups of up to 30 people or organized gatherings of up to 300 people are allowed, the regatta operations on land may be organized without major difficulties, observing the size limits of skipper's meetings and price distributions.
----- Clubs and class associations are the drivers of the Swiss regatta sport and are therefore solely responsible for restoring normality on the basis of the generally known and accepted protective measures, self-responsible with their local expertise to meet all requirements. And by the way, teams of other countries are welcome, as soon as travel across borders is again open.
----- is looking forward to publishing your Notices of Race very soon, especially the Swiss championships, and to reporting on many events. Our mailbox is open!
----- The Regatta Calendar today.

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