Environment - The Plastiki - On a roller coaster toward Oz

Saturday, July 17, 2010   (Image © www.plastiki.com)
 Environment  The Plastiki  On a roller coaster toward Oz
It’s a rough ride for Plastiki’, David de Rothschild’s plastic bottle cat that is on it’s way from Samoa to Sydney Australia. Gale force winds and 25-foot waves are their companions as the boat twists, yaws and lurches toward Oz. They will put in somewhere on the coast, probably Coffs Harbour, before rolling into Sydney, provided the boat holds up. No dates have been announced. Vern Moen blogged about the experience:
‘Mr. T, David, Max, and myself are wrestling 60 knots of wind as we perch off the bow and wrestle the headsail like we’ve never wrestled before. It’s like holding onto the cape of a giant, flying grizzly bear. All hands on deck. No cameras were rolling. It’s not documented anywhere. A moment that is just for the three of us to keep.We’re currently experiencing a different side of the ocean than what we’ve grown so accustomed to in the previous 6,700 miles. We seem to have ventured into the land of 60 knot winds and 25 foot waves.Being on the helm is the most dramatic view of the situation. Physically, you’re about a foot away from the edge of the boat, so as a wave builds, it seems to be building especially for you. Though waves hit the side every 3 seconds, the biggest waves come in sets; about every 1 minute, and there’s usually 3 per set. These are the monsters.” Read it all.

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