Top-Sails - a new sailmaker with a new concept

Thursday, September 26, 2013   
 TopSails  a new sailmaker with a new concept
Arnaud Gavairon SUI has been active for years as sail designer and sail maker for the most important brands in Switzerland. Now, he has decided to launch his own brand: the Top Sails. The sail design will be effected in his workshop in Switzerland, the manufacturing of the sails will happen in Switzerland or in Asia, depending on the requirements of the clients. The special approach of Top Sails is that Arnaud Gavairon joins the client on his boat, and it is not the client, who visits the sailmaker. A long-lasting partnership should be the result and as customer, you call Gavairon to pass by whenever sailing proplems arise with a full service. Priority is on the dialogue, for sail racers and for leisure sailors. Special autumn discounts are available now. A special offer for Esse 850 sails, measurement rules 2014 is very attractive as well. Please contact Top Sails for any infromation required.

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