Olympic Equipment - ISAF Midyear Meeting - Kite-Surfing selected erroneously

Monday, May 14, 2012   
 Olympic Equipment  ISAF Midyear Meeting  KiteSurfing selected erroneously
During the last 12 years, the ISAF Council and the Events Committee made several strange decisions in selecting Olympic events and equipment. While in earlier days, classes were chosen based on their world-wide spreading, btw a requirement of the IOC Olympic Charter, and established class organisation - the Laser was chosen 20 years after its launching - the delegates (most of them without any international racing experience, and some with language difficulties) become more and more 'creative', making strange decisions and inventing new events .... The latest low-point according to some reports seems to be the selection of Kiteboarding at the 2012 ISAF Midyear Meeting, where Delegates voted erroneously because of language difficulties. The close 19-17 decision in favor of Kiteboarding and against Windsurfing would apparently not have happened, if the voting had been correct. More .... .

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