Finn, Fireball, Musto-Skiff - Sailing Week - Thunersee YC

Monday, July 16, 2012   
 Finn, Fireball, MustoSkiff  Sailing Week  Thunersee YC
The Finns, Fireballs and Musto-Skiffs completed four races each on Saturday, but on Sunday, the wind was absent an no races were added. In the Finns, Christoph Christen YCB was the clear winner ahead of Beat Aebischer TYC. The newcomer to the class Beat Heinz SCU finished 3rd and announced his ambitions in this class. The Finn report. In the Fireballs - as always with their own class report - Baumgartner/Schärer CVE were first followed by Huber/Mauchle YCRo. The best Musto-Skiff sailor was Roger Oswald SCE, ahead of Nicolas Duchoud SCOW and Dominique Wälchli RCO.

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