420, 470, Dolphin - Lebkuchen-Regatta III - RC Oberhofen - Day 1

Sunday, November 4, 2018   
 420, 470, Dolphin  LebkuchenRegatta III  RC Oberhofen  Day 1
Good conditions prevailed on the first day of the 'Gingerbread Regatta III' on Lake Thoune and three races could be completed.
In the Dolphins (10 teams), Stefan Eggimann RCO leads ahead of Oliver Aebi TYC.
In the 470s (18 teams), Theresa Löffler/Lena Stückl GER are first followed by Philipp Erni/Stefan Zurfluh SCC.
The 420 (13 teams) leaders are Malin Karlsson/Myrlin Tappolet SCC 5 points ahead of Anna and Paula Wollkopf YCZ.
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