Ultime Trimaran - Brest-Atlantiques - Brest FRA - Day 6

Monday, November 11, 2019   
 Ultime Trimaran  BrestAtlantiques  Brest FRA  Day 6
After 5 days abd 3 hours, 'Edmond de Rothschild' with Franck Cammas FRA crossed the Equator. Slowed down in the Doldrums, the gaps between the Ultime Multis increased even more. 'Macif' with François Gabart FRA was 177nm back this morning UTC. 'Sodebo' with Thomas Coville FRA followed 264nm behind Cammas. ----- As we reported, 'Macif' has announced a repair stop in Brazil to fix the broken rudder. Now, the leading 'Edmond de Rothschild' will head ashore as well to mend a damage at the keel. ----- The race tracker, the news and the videos.
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Ultime Trimaran - Brest-Atlantique - Brest FRA

Sunday, 3. November 2019– Monday, 18. November 2019


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