Surprise - Les 5 jours du Léman - CV Vidy - Day 2

Tuesday, July 28, 2020   (Image © Yves Ryncki)
 Surprise  Les 5 jours du Leman  CV Vidy  Day 2
For over 40 hours, the fleet has been underway in steady light winds and by this morning UTC, the first boats will enter the second Lake Geneva round off Vidy. Position changes in the closely packed leader group happen almost hourly, right now with Lorenz Kausche/Emanuel Müller BT on first at some distance from Bruno Engel/Loïc Forestier now on 2nd after a bad start, followed by all other favorites. ----- The race tracker, the news and the facebook page with videos by participants. ----- Late this afternoon, thunderstorms have to be expected, but in general, the winds remain light.
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Surprise - Les 5 jours du Léman - CV Vidy

Sunday, 26. July 2020– Friday, 31. July 2020


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