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Environment – BP boss spotted on his boat during Round-the-Island Race

Sunday, June 20, 2010   (Image © PA)
[Ed note: While the oil keeps gushing, BP boss Tony Hayward goes sailing… the UK tabloids are all over this]
The BP boss at the centre of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill came under further pressure last night after he was spotted relaxing at a yachting event on the Isle of Wight. Tony Hayward, BP’s £1million-a-year chief executive, was enjoying the clear blue waters of the Solent, 4,500 miles away from the disaster. His appearance came as it was reported he had been removed from day-to-day control of the crisis. Just 48 hours after Mr Hayward was ‘sliced and diced’ for four hours at a US Congressional hearing in Washington in which he was accused of failing to take responsibility and ignoring dangers when BP was drilling in the Gulf, he watched a 52ft yacht named Bob, which he co-owns, take part in the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race yesterday. It came fourth in its class behind triple Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie. Read the full report.

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