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Tuesday, January 10, 2012   
Maritime NZ are reporting this morning that the 130metre stern section of the MV ‘Rena’ is reported to be slipping off the Astrolabe Reef. They have previously stated that if this happens they expect the section to sink, following up the section breaking off over the weekend. The two sections that were shown as visibly cracked, split in two, and were reported to be 30 meters apart. That break up released cargo, containers and oil - a situation that will be repeated if the stern section sinks. Of concern to the sailing community is the fact that the Volvo Ocean Race fleet will pass down the east coast of the North Island in two months time. Many of the containers are not accounted for from the ‘Rena’, and have either sunk or are still in varying degrees of submersion. The article with a video clip in Sail World.

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